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The Rover


The new dystopian film from Dir. David Michôd is really gritty and manly! Some have unfairly dismissed the film as a Mad Max carbon copy but that is far from the truth. Yes the film has similar themes and location(Australia) but the story is quite different. I must say the casting was superb as was the acting, I might go out on a limb and say this has been some of  the greatest acting Guy Pearce has done since Memento. Robert Pattinson does quite well too in the film, different then much of his previous roles. Throughout the film Guy Pearce’s character is on a brutal search for his stolen car which leads him to meet Pattinson’s character. The details of why Pearce wants the car so bad is what keeps the story going throughout the runtime. Worth a watch for a nice lonely evening.








Palo Alto


I finally got around to seeing newcomer Dir. Gia Coppola’s debut film, which I had been following the development of since last year. Needless to say from the bts footage to the family name she dons from, I was quite excited for this film. After watching the film though I was left a little depressed and unfulfilled, throughout the entire run time of the film it sets up these very melodramatic characters & events that are just so un-relatable. The ending of the film is what really threw me off, so many things just left unanswered and leaves you feeling that the experience was incomplete. The film’s cinematography however is beautiful and dreamy, Gia was definitely taking some tips from her aunt. Overall its a great effort for a first film personally.